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The Spaces

Where will you trip and sway?

The Spaces


The Sharing Space
The Jam Corner | Library with loungers | Design Your Own Tent | Paints and Easels | Aerial Yoga | Origami | Sheeshas | Didgeridoo sessions | All night Karaoke and some more...


The Retroactive Space
Disco in the Day | The Bubble Brunch (12 noon - 3 p.m.)| Silent Party | Stargazing | Pepsi MTV Indies' Independent Movie Tent | Makers' Asylum and some more...

Where will you stay and chill?

The Spaces


"Art washes from the soul, the dust of everyday life"

Ambience design by Transhuman Collective | MadStuffWithRob | Art Installations by Design Students


"Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time"

Curated Performances by DanceDesign + Pause&Effect | Guided Tibetan Bowl Meditations | Aerial Yoga

Where will you create?

Let's Get Lost?

Well, you need a Tikat..

Aaj Kal ka Tikat (27th and 28th February) - INR 2929/-

Aaj ka Tikat (27th February) - INR 1919/-

Kal ka Tikat (28th February) - INR 1919/-

* Family is the one who helps set up. Everybody is invited on the 26th February to help us build the festival and for the Homecoming Party!

And, a Ghar..

Do ka Ghar (2 people tents 3N/3D) : INR 7,777/-

Char ka Ghar (4 people tents 3N/3D) : INR 11,111/-

Do ka bada ghar (2 people Swiss/Maharaja Tent 3N/3D) : INR 27,272/-

Char ka bada ghar (4 people Swiss/Maharaja Tent 3N/3D) : INR 36,363/-

* Above mentioned costs Do Not include Tikats and they need to be bought separately


The Support